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Jack Lyman to Speak at ABA SEER 30th Fall Conference

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September 13, 2022

Marten Partner Jack Lyman (Washington DC) will speak at the ABA SEER 30th Fall Conference, on the panel titled "The Environmental Impact of the Electric Vehicle Revolution—It's Green for Go" at 2pm CT.

There are nearly 290 million registered vehicles in the United States, of which just over one million are electric vehicles (EVs). There has been a significant upshift in EV sales in recent years and the move to EVs is expected to get a turbo-boost with a series of measures introduced to promote EVs—across the globe countries have introduced laws putting the brakes on the sale of new gas and diesel-fueled cars as soon as 2030. But while EVs have zero tailpipe emissions, they still have a significant environmental impact—from the mining of metals for batteries and the plastics used in their manufacture, to the carbon emitted in the generation of electricity to power them, their impacts on local air quality with brake dust and degrading rubber tires, and ultimately, at the end of their useful life, their ability to be recycled. Panelists will navigate the life of an EV, considering the legal frameworks needed for the fundamental shift in automotive technology that is now unfolding, as well as the role of voluntary sustainability initiatives on this journey. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the legal challenges and obligations facing manufacturers of EVs, the thousands of businesses in the auto supply chain, and the millions of businesses and organizations who will be driving them.  

To learn more about the conference and register, please visit this link:

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