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Cleanup & Cost Recovery

Putting Superfund Claims Out of Their Misery For Over 30 Years.

Marten offers a unique approach to cleanup laws and regulations, focusing on timely resolutions and minimizing budgets. Our work stretches across industries and around the country, emphasizing fair, efficient solutions.

The challenges of state and federal cleanup laws demand specialized experience. Often, the effect of the Superfund law (CERCLA) and its state counterparts is to shift focus away from restoration and towards negotiations, delays, and a seemingly endless number of stakeholders. Marten’s approach to these situations' centers on efficient analysis of clients’ cases and collaborative efforts with regulatory agencies and renowned technical experts. Our experience spans decades across the country, as Marten has successfully negotiated and litigated on behalf of clients in over 20 states. We have also litigated environmental insurance claims, defending and prosecuting dozens of contribution actions in federal and state court, and resolving others in bankruptcy proceedings. We have the depth and breadth of experience necessary to put these types of environmental problems to bed—quickly, effectively, and less expensively than our competitors.


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